Calculating the intersections between planes and DEM: a Python implementation

I present a new release (vers. 0.1.1) of a Python application that calculates the theoretical intersections between a plane and a DEM (in a raster format). This application could be useful in geological investigations, i.e., for comparing structural measures of geological surfaces with their mapped (or yet to map) topographic traces.

When we define a plane attitude by its dip direction and angle, as well as by a single point point lying in the plane, we can analytically determine the intersection points between these two surfaces.

This application allows to save the computed intersections as a point shapefile, for further processing in GIS software, and also images of the map.
A screen shot of the application is below.

To run this program,  the following  Python modules are required:
  • numpy
  • gdal
  • PyQt4
  • matplotlib

It has been tested on Windows Vista and Ubuntu Lucid Lynx.
It can be downloaded from the link gSurf: a Python program for the interactive determination of intersections between DEM and planes, where additional information is also available.