New version of qgSurf for QGIS

A new version of qgSurf, 0.3.3, has been released. It adds the possibility to use point or line layers as sources for the best-fit-plane calculation.
The plugin should work also in QGIS 2.2.0 for Windows 8 - 64 bit, even if the QGIS installer complains about a lacking dependency, Tkinter, a problem that I will investigate in the next days. If however you accept the installation, close QGIS and then reopen it, QGIS will present the plugin as installed and available. No problem of this kind has been observed in Windows Vista and Ubuntu.


Sanjay said…
Wondering if you ever looked into the lack of Tkinter in the 64 bit version(s?) of QGIS. I call matplotlib for my plug in, which in turns calls Tkinter, and that breaks the plug in. I have been adding what I think are the Tkinter libraries and necessary files back, but that seems like a pain for distribution
Mauro Alberti said…
Never investigated in depth. One could ask in the QGIS developer mailing list..