Cross-section intersections of line and polygon layers with qProf in QGis

A new release of qProf, plugin for QGis, allows to determine the intersections of line and polygon layers, representing for instance faults and geological outcrops, on a vertical cross-section.
These new functionalities complement those already available for projecting geological attitudes and lines on a cross-section.
The resulting data can be saved as shapefiles and csv.

Example of cross-section representing geological polygon layer intersections with a topographic profile.

The plugin can be installed/updated via the plugin manager of QGis. Alternatively it can be downloaded from the QGis plugin repository:
or from the Bitbucket repository:


Anonymous said…
I am having issues with adding in geological attitudes (dip) into my profile on qprof. How do i go about creating the necessary files to import and show dip etc in qprof.
i'm in the same situation. I have a point shapefile with the bedding data near my section, all of them with dip dir/dip data in attributes. However, when I want to project those attitudes, an error comes up.
The profile is good, and i can project also the geological features/lines. The error occurs only with geological bedding data.

however, congrats for the beautiful plugin, it's very helpful
Mauro Alberti said…
Sorry for the late replay but I had problems with Internet.

@ Anonymous
About creating a file: you just need to dispose of a point layer storing these fields:
- numeric id
- Right-hand-rule strike OR dip direction (0°-360°)
- Dip angle (0-90°)

@ Michele Tricarico
I need to read the error messages displayed by the plugin. Could you send me at alberti.m65 at ?